Wholesale of apparel fabrics

Our e-mail address changed!

New e-mail address: VERKER@VER-KER.HU

Foreign Customers:

We kindly request our Customers from the European Union coming first time to buy at Ver-Ker Ltd. to bring the orignal official document where their EU tax number stated. (DIC Number from the Slovak & Czech companies.) Otherwise we cannot deduct the 25% Hungarian Value Added Tax from the price, so the gross price will be invoiced. Export and European Union customers are served only in the Central Warehouse on Zay Street.

About us

Ver-Ker Ltd. was established in 1991 for import and wholesale of apparel fabrics. As the result of continuous development the company has arisen to be one of the leaders in the Hungarian textile trade. Due to its well balanced business strategy Ver-Ker has large clientele of both garment manufacturers and merchants... more ?

Procuct range:

The 95 % of our product range is imported directly by Ver-Ker. In our warehouse you can always find fashion fabrics for the current season and also a wide selection of about 250 standard items... more ?